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For the Life of Laetitia

ISBN: 9781250765307 $3,100.00 T
"One of the most wonderful and extraordinary portrayals of a child's life in the English-speaking Caribbean."

Carlong First Steps in Science Year 4

ISBN: 9789766381912 $2,950.00 T
Carlong First Steps in Science Year 4 is the revised edition of First Steps in Science Year 4 Pupil’s Book and First Steps in Science Year 4 Activity Book. The textbook provides full coverage of the new National Standards Curriculum for science and the concepts within are taught using a practical, investigative method. The material is presented in an easy to understand manner but is strongly focused on the development of the students’ critical thinking skills. Author: Vilma McClean et al. Publisher: Carlong Publishers

Grade 6 Prepping for Pep Ability

ISBN: 9789769629127 $2,600.00 T
This book of reasoning and Logic Tests is designed to check and improve the general reasoning aptitude of the learner. Each test contains questions that assess:
  1. Verbal Reasoning which deals with the usage of words, letters, and digits
  2. Quantitative Reasoning deals with mathematical skills and the ability to differentiate between figures and patterns
Author: Akeisha Christine Wainwright Publisher: Olympus

Star Performer Ability Tests for PEP Grade 6

ISBN: 9789769655423 $2,495.00 T
This book is designed to develop the verbal and non-verbal abilities, quantitative reasoning skills, abstract thinking skills required to demonstrate competence in the Ability Test. Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: NutCracker

Grade Two Integrated Language Arts Workbook

ISBN: 9789768237976 $2,320.00 T
Grade Two Integrated Language Arts Workbook is based on the revised Grade Two Curriculum. It is designed to allow pupils to have fun working in the different subject areas while working at a single exer Author: M. Mclean, L. Fearon Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Integrated Reader 2

ISBN: 9789768218087 $2,220.00 T
The stories are based on the revised Curriculum for Grade Two with the language and reading level quite appropriate for the grade.

Author: M. Mclean, L. Fearon

A Study Aid For CSEC Literature Students For The Life Of Laetitia

ISBN 9789766487003 $1,450.00 T
These notes aim at clearing up any 'grey areas' in the text of one of the selected CSEC English B examinations- the 'Life of Laetitia' so the story becomes more accessible and enjoyable. Author: Firishta Ali Hosen

The E Myth Revisited

ISBN: 9780887307287 $1,000.00 T
The E-Myth Revisited will help you grow your business in a productive, assured way. Author: Michael Gerber
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