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Let’s Learn Together Jumbo Colouring 123

ISBN: 9781534885097 $1,580.00
Publisher: J.E. White Publisher: White Rain Publishing

Crayola Pencil Crayons – 24 Count (Long)

EAN: 071662040246 $970.00 T
The Crayola® Colored Pencils are essential for any set of art supplies. Easily blend the bold colors. Sharpened points make these Crayola colored pencils draw smoothly.

Sargent Art Poster Paint 12 Jars

EAN: 042229656149 $912.00 T
  • Includes 6 Bright Colours.
  • Great for Home or School
  • Bright assorted colours for everyone
  • Cleans up easily

Sargent Arts 6 Primary Acrylic Paints

UPC: 042229654206 $553.00 T
Quality acrylic colours that dry to a permanent and waterproof finish!

Crayola Triangular Crayon 8 pcs

UPC: 071662140083 $480.00 T
Strong, large crayons are triangular shaped to promote a proper writing grip.
  • Early Education Tool: As children approach 24 months, they start holding crayons with the thumb and two fingers and the tripod grip is important for developing writing skills.
  • Convenient Design: Triangular shape keeps crayons from rolling.
  • What You Get: Set of 8 colors: black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, and yellow. Includes storage tray with plastic lid.
  • Safe and Non-toxic: Crayons are AP Certified and free from common allergens including latex, dairy & casein, egg, peanut & tree nut.

Sargent Art Coloured Pencils 12

$430.00 T
  • 12 different colors included: white, orange, rose, brown, light blue, blue, violet, black, yellow, light green, dark green, and red
  • 7” long, assorted colored pencils
  • Excellent color vibrancy
  • Thick 3.3 mm leads
  • Pre-sharpened
  • Non-Toxic

Pritt Glue Stick 42g

EAN: 061083006259 $395.00 T
  • Application for pasting of paper, cardboard, photographs, etc.
  • Washable and non-toxic.

Paint Brush 5 Pack Flat Hair #3981

EAN: 764608039816 $360.00 T
  • Great for Watercolor, Acrylic Painting, Oil, Gouache, Skin, Body, Face Painting, Model, Ceramic, etc.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Each brush is made with long-lasting natural hair bristles.
  • The flat tips are ideal for spreading paint quickly and evenly over a surface.
  • The painted wood handle fits comfortably in your hand.