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Infant Integrated Phonics Workbook 3

ISBN: 9789768237897 $1,640.00
(formerly Infant Integrated Workbook - Fun With Sounds) This is the book that will prepare your child for the future. After using this book he or she will be ready for all educational challenges ahead. Author: Lunett Fearon; Maureen McLean Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Fun With Language Arts An Integrated Approach Workbook

ISBN: 855106003284 $1,360.00
This is a workbook with a difference. It will create an important passage way to the classroom and will be an effective tool for parents, guardian and teachers. Author: M. McLean et al. Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

The Way to Reading Book 2B

ISBN: 9789768007018 $920.00
The Way to Reading 2B is a follow up to the Way To Reading 2A. It gives additional exercises leading to the recognition of words. Each page gives a list of the new words to be taught before actual reading is attempted. Phonic work is provided at the end of the book. Ages 5 - 6 Author: Merle Scott Publisher: Twin Guinep Books

The Way to Reading Book 2A

ISBN: 9789768007094 $920.00
The Way To Reading 2A has been used successfully for many years to start early reading. It integrates easily with any THEME from the new curriculum guide. Ages 4 + Author: Merle Scott Publisher: Twin Guinep Books

Fun With Phonics Playing with Sounds Part 1

EAN 9789768010940 $1,215.00

Fun With Phonics 

Author: Sonia Johnson-Smith ISBN: 9789768010940

The Way To Writing A-Z Practice Sheet

ISBN: 9789768007063 $1,120.00
The Way To Writing A-Z Practice Sheets.

Infant Integrated Studies Workbook 2

ISBN: 9789768237934 $1,560.00
Infant Integrated Studies Workbook 2 has lots of fun, coloured and uncoloured pages. It is deeply integrated and chock full of all the things he or she needs to learn. Author: M. McLean; L. Fearon Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishing

Right Start Art Colours & Shape

EAN 9789769515154 $940.00
Integrated Workbook Right Start Integrated Workbooks are designed to provide enrichment activities for young children. They can be used as additional activities to reinforce concepts taught. ISBN: 9789769515154 Author: Valerie Brown

Right Start Language Arts

EAN 9789766105303 $920.00
Right Start Language Arts Integrated WorkBook. Author: Valerie Brown ISBN :9789766105303

Reading Readiness Activity Bk. 1

ISBN: 9789768010223 $811.00
Key Features:
  • Build concepts and vocabulary
  • Develop visual and auditory discrimination
  • Sharpen phonics skills
  • Develop sound reasoning skills and storytelling techniques
  • Develop and improve the co-ordination of eye and hand movements
  • Develop and promote left to right eye movement
  • Encourage the association of meaning with printed symbols
Author: Ruby Yorke Publisher: Carlong Publishers

Let’s Learn Together Back to Basics Mathematics K2

ISBN: 9781534885752 $1,680.00
Author: G. R. White Publisher: White Rain Publishing