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Pam and Tim Infant Workbook 1

ISBN: 9789766460686 $800.00
This Infant Workbook is designed to be used with the Infant Reader Book 1 - Pam and Tim. Publisher: Charran Publishing House

Pam and Tim Infant Reader Book 1

ISBN: 9789766460679 $1,020.00
Pam and Tim is the first reader in the Space Age Readers Series designed to meet the needs of First-Year pupils in Primary School.

Getting Ready to Read An Infant Integrated Reader

ISBN: 9789768237910 $1,580.00
Early reading is the very heart and soul of formal learning. It has a myriad of benefits:
  • Brain development
  • Improved attention span
  • Broader vocabulary
  • Development of self-confidence and independence
  • Learning about self, the environment, people, events, and things in faraway places
Author: M. McLean; L. Fearon Publisher: Independent Integrated Publisher

Fun with Colours

ISBN: 9789768237804 $1,080.00
In young children, colouring among other things helps:
  • in colour recognition
  • them to focus
  • to develop their fine muscles
  • them to be creative
  • build their self-esteem
  • them think critically
Author: L. Fearon Publisher: IIP

Rediscovering Mathematics for the Caribbean Kindergarten for 4 year old’s

ISBN: 9789768245069 $1,695.00
The text includes attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content which captures children's attention and promotes the learning of Mathematics in a fun and lively way.

Letter Sounds with Elmo

UPC: 088908400030 $220.00
In this workbook, your child will practice identifying the letters in the alphabet, beginning and ending letter sounds and short vowel sounds.

Alphabet with Cookie Monster

UPC: 088908400016 $220.00
In this workbook, your child will identify uppercase and lowercase letters and letter partners. He or she will also get a lot of practice tracing and writing all off the letters of the alphabet.