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Modern Curriculum Press Mathematics Level F

ISBN 9780765260666 $4,070.00
MCP Mathematics promotes mathematical success for all students, especially those who struggle with their core math program. This trusted, targeted program uses a traditional drill and practice format with a predictable, easy-to-use lesson format. MCP Math is flexible and adaptable to fit a variety of intervention settings including after school, summer school, and additional math instruction during the regular school day.

Reinforcement & Evaluation Exercises

EAN 9788768193059 $3,750.00
FOR USE WITH A PRACTICAL ENGLISH COURSE ISBN: 9788768193059 Author: Sonia Norville

Caribbean Integrated Readers Book 4

ISBN: 9789766482350 $3,650.00
The reading material presented in this book was carefully chosen to fulfill the main objectives of the reading curriculum. The reading passages are followed by exercises that will encourage students to think critically. Author: B. Ninah; K. Ninah Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

A Practical English Course

EAN 9789768193049 $3,650.00
  ISBN :9789768193049 Author: Sonia Norville

Selection Examination English Test

EAN 9780602208608 $3,525.00
ENGLISH TESTS ISBN: 9780602208608 Author: Hayden Richards Publisher: Hodder Education

Maturing in Mathematics Workbook 6

ISBN 9789769572645 $3,500.00
Key Features:
  • 5 E lessons
  • Curriculum Based Tests
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Puzzles
  • Applied Math Skills
  • Computational Skills
  • Performance Tasks
  • Math Poems & Songs
Author: Zavier Clarke Publisher: House of Geniuses

PEP For Winners Math Instructors Grade 6

EAN 9781733904117 $3,500.00
PRACTICE QUESTION WORKBOOK PEP for Winners Mathematics, is a new 2 volume workbook with an instructor’s manual. The book is designed for students who wishes to excel on the Grade 6. ISBN: 9781733904117 Author: Dr. Dwight Berry Publisher: Webster's Writing Lab