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PEP Mental Ability Grade 6

ISBN 9789769572621 $2,600.00 T
A complete and exciting response to the difficulties that our grade six (6) students face in verbal and logical reasoning. This book contains a wide variety of thinking and reasoning stimulus materials needed to master the PEP Ability Test Author: Zavier Clarke

PEP For Winners Mathematics Vol 2

ISBN: 9781733904131 $2,550.00 T
ADVANCE PERFORMANCE TASK & MATH DRILLS STUDENTS GRADES 4 - 6 PEP for Winners Mathematics, is a new 2 volume workbook with an instructor’s manual. The book is designed for students who wishes to excel in the PEP exams. Author: Dr. Dwight Berry Publisher: Webster’s Writing Lab

Think Lab PEP Preparations Ability Test

ISBN: 9781987530896 $2,550.00 T
This workbook is designed equip students at the grades 6 level with the skills needed for the PEP Ability Test. This workbook focuses on reasoning and critical thinking, likewise the test itself. The types of questions and how they are constructed, will assist in developing students reasoning, critical thinking, analytical and decision making skills. Author: Caneisha Samuels-Myles Publisher: Think Labs  

Just Think Performance Task Grade 4

ISBN: 9789768245946 $2,495.00 T
The workbook will:
  •  provide opportunities for students to sharpen their critical thinking skills by exposing them to all levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK).
  • enhance students’ research and writing skills.
  • expose students to the language used in the National Standards Curriculum.
  • provide collaborative learning.
  • provide real-world literacy and numeracy activities.

Just Think Ability Test Grades 5 & 6

ISBN: 9789768245762 $2,495.00 T
for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Examination Strategic and Extended Thinking "Just Think" is a series of workbooks of choice for success in the Primary Exit Profile examination. Students, teachers and parents will appreciate the age appropriate exercises in:
  • Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving and
  • Written Communication.
Author: Dr. A. Mandara; Mrs. C. Levene Publisher: LMH Publishing Limited

PEP Math Practice Questions

ISBN: 9781732836921 $2,250.00 T
Fully aligned with the Grade 6 Science National Standards Curriculum, each chapter is arranged by calendar terms with all the different question types included. Answers are included, and students are asked to take the CHEETAH™ Honour System Pledge before they tackle the questions. Authors: Ornella Bell, Nadine Brown Publisher: CHEETAH PuRRRRRR Publishing.