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CPSS Caribbean Neighbours

All of the topics in the curriculum are covered thoroughly and in sequence. Much emphasis is placed on the integration of skills and knowledge while at the same time, care is taken to cater to the needs of the multiple intelligences. Author: Sybil Leslie et al ISBN: 9789766380724

Grade Three Integrated Studies

Grade Three Work Book ISBN :9789768218377
Author: K. Marks-Dixon

Home, School, Environment With Colours, Shapes and Sounds

Grade One Integrated Studies Workbook Home, School, Environment with Colours, Shapes and Sounds ISBN :9789768237071 Author: L. Fearon et al

Macmillan Primary Integrated Studies How Does My Body Work Grade 3 SB

Grade 3 Term 1 Student's Book Author: Margaret Bailey ISBN:9781405007399

Macmillan Primary Integrated Studies My Culture Grade 3 Term 2 SB

Grade 3 Term 2 Culture Student's Book Macmillan Primary Integrated Studies for Jamaica is a new course developed by a team of primary school teachers in Jamaica which closely follows the requirements of the Primary Integrated Curriculum. ISBN:9781405059787

CPIS Getting to Know My Family Year 1 Term 2

(CPIS) Year 1 Term 2 Authors: Vilma McClenan et al ISBN: 978976380595

CPIS In My Community Year 2 Term 3

In My Community Year 2 Term 3 In My Community is the last of the Grade 2 books in the totally integrated and innovative series, Carlong Primary Integrated Studies. CPIS IMC Authors: Vilma McClenan  et al ISBN: 9789766380847

Carlong Primary Integrated Studies Knowing and Taking Care of My Body

Year 3 Term 1 Unit 1 Authors: Vilma McClenan et al ISBN: 9789766380748

Carlong Primary Integrated Studies Learning about Our Culture (Yr.3/Term 2)


 Year 3 Term 2 Unit 3

ISBN: 9789766380786

Authors: Bernetta Porter et al Publisher: Carlong Publisher

Carlong Primary Integrated Studies Living & Non-Living Things in my Environ.


Year 3 Term 3 Unit 1 & 2

ISBN: 9789766380793 Authors: Vilma McClenan et al

CPIS Taking Care of Myself Year 2 Term 1

Year 2 Term 1 Unit 2 (CPIS) Authors: Vilma McClenan et al, ISBN: 9789766380823

CPIS Satisfying our Needs Year 2 Term 2

YEAR 2 TERM 2 ISBN: 9789766380830 Authors: Vilma McClenan et al Publisher: Carlong Publisher