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Reinforcement & Evaluation Exercises

EAN 9788768193059 $3,850.00 T
FOR USE WITH A PRACTICAL ENGLISH COURSE ISBN: 9788768193059 Author: Sonia Norville

Caribbean Integrated Readers Book 4

ISBN: 9789766482350 $3,650.00 T
The reading material presented in this book was carefully chosen to fulfill the main objectives of the reading curriculum. The reading passages are followed by exercises that will encourage students to think critically. Author: B. Ninah; K. Ninah Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

A Practical English Course

EAN 9789768193049 $3,650.00 T
  ISBN :9789768193049 Author: Sonia Norville

Caribbean Integrated Readers Book 5

ISBN: 9789766482367 $3,650.00 T
Author: Ninah & Ninah  

Selection Examination English Test

EAN 9780602208608 $3,525.00 T
ENGLISH TESTS ISBN: 9780602208608 Author: Hayden Richards Publisher: Hodder Education

Pacific PSLE English Revised Ed

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A completely updated edition based on the Revised PSLE 1993 Syllabus.

Modern Curriculum Press Comprehension Plus Level E

ISBN: 9781428427044 $3,410.00 T
Coverage of comprehension skills is thorough and includes extras such as literary elements, some specific word studies, and exercises in "document" reading (i.e. maps, tables, graphs, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc.).

Modern Curriculum Press Comprehension Plus Level F

ISBN: 9780765221858 $3,410.00 T
Each lesson begins with direct instruction of each skill and is followed by opportunities for students to apply and transfer the skill to a meaningful context. Comprehension Plus study skills, vocabulary, phonics/word study, and writing connections add up to improved test scores and classroom performance. Author: Dr. Dianne Lapp: Dr. James Flood Publisher: Modern Curriculum Press

New Junior English Revised Caribbean Edition

ISBN: 9781408282595 $3,380.00 T

More than 50 years since its first publication, New Junior English Revised remains the must-have reference and revision resource for English Language in the Caribbean.

Author: Haydn Richards et al

Publisher: Hodder Education

Primary English Across The Curriculum Book 6

ISBN: 9789769535299 $3,350.00 T
Core Features:
  • Practice exercise in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and viewing across the curriculum
  • Real world oracy and literacy activities
  • Collaborative learning
  • A process approach to writing
  • A focus on grammar in contexts of use and meaning
  • A variety of formative and summative evaluation and assessment modes
  • Appealing visual and graphic presentation
Author: Roy Narinesingh; Bhadase S. Maraj Publisher: DataZone Publishing