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If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I

ISBN: 9780972730419 $3,100.00 T
Why wait and hope for your dream to discover you? Step out and meet it today. This book shows you how you can. Author: Alvin Day

Baba and Mr Biggs

EAN 9780333583173 $2,895.00 T
The story, set in Jamaica like all of Everard Palmer’s stories, is funny, exciting – and keeps us guessing until

Island Princess in Brooklyn

ISBN: 9789766381103 $1,100.00 T
Princess, a thirteen-year-old girl from Jamaica, has just arrived in Brooklyn, New York to live with her mother. She is uncertain about how she will adjust to the unusual and sometimes bizarre experiences in this place that is far from her dear Granny. Author: Diane Browne  

Poems For Grade 1 Integrated Studies

EAN: 9789768172624 $800.00 T
Sharing poetry with children is an excellent means of developing appreciative listening. Author: Eden A Collins-Williams

Jenny and the General

$645.00 T
Author: Jean D'Costa ISBN:9789766380762

Ash the Flash

$525.00 T
Authors: Hazel D. Campbell, Nattalie Gordon ISBN: 9789766381219