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Mind Builders Test Your Thinking Skills

EAN 9789766382124 $895.00
Test Your Thinking Skills. This workbook integrates numerous topics including Venn diagrams, equations, numerical patterns, vocabulary, analogies, antonyms and synonyms, as well as items that test visual discrimination ISBN: 9789766382124 Author : J. O'Connor et al

Oxford First Dictionary

ISBN: 9780192767219 $889.00
Key features:
  • First 5000 words to build vocabulary and language skills
  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives and other word classes given
  • Simple definitions in full sentences
  • Child-friendly example sentences taken from children's reading
  • Activities to help with spelling and grammar
Publisher: Oxford University Press  

Health & Family Life for Primary School Activity Book 6

Health and Family Life Education (Primary Level) Activity Bk. 6 ISBN: 9780230431850

Oxford First Spanish Words

EAN 9780199110049 $869.00
Format: Softcover ISBN:  9780199110049 Publisher: Oxford University Press

Collins Easy Learning Handwriting 7-9

ISBN: 9780008151423 $860.00
Collins Easy Learning Handwriting:
  • build handwriting skills
  • boost confidence
  • develop a love of learning
Publisher: Harper Collins

An Introduction to Computers Computer Whiz Book 2 Revised Edition

Computer Whiz Revised Edition is a series that familiarizes students of Class 1 to 5 with the concepts and applications of computers in a simple and interesting way. ISBN:9780195478655 Author: Sameena M. Haidermota Publisher: Oxford  

CPIS Getting to Know my Home Y1 T2, U2

Year 1 Term 2  Unit 2  (CPIS) ISBN: 978976380601 Authors: Vilma McClenan et al  

Island Princess in Brooklyn

EAN 9789766381103 $845.00
Author: Diane Browne ISBN: 9789766381103

Everyday Spelling Book 5

ISBN: 9780195553178 $840.00
Key Features:
  • focus lists of family group words, spelling demons and interest words
  • new 'Take the Challenge' ans 'Stepping up' actions
  • helpful hints for troublesome words
  • activities that teach word attack skills through a variety of motivational exercises
  • activities to challenge the more able students
Author: Bob Monaghan et al. Publisher: Oxford University Press  

How Smart Are You? Reasoning and Problem Solving

ISBN: 9789766381783 $840.00
The book comprises 25 smart tests with 20 items each. The tests are progressively challenging and cater to those at varying learning levels. It's a fun activity book that tests and stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Author: Sonia E. Bennett; BB Anders Publisher: Carlong Publishers