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Scholastic Prime Mathematics For Success Coursebook 5

ISBN: 9789814769921 $3,200.00
With the progressive lessons in this coursebook, students will strengthen skills with unique step-by-step progression of activities. Prime Math Coursebook 5 matches the math curriculum so your children will reach their full potential in school. Distributor: The Book Merchant

Scholastic Prime Mathematics for Success Coursebook 6

ISBN: 9789814769938 $3,200.00
Scholastic Prime Mathematics for Success is based on a pedagogical approach an instructional design:
  • Teaches via problem solving
  • Incorporates professional learning into the curriculum framework
  • Is effective, measurable and diagnostic
  • Develops metacognition in learners

New Caribbean Junior Reader 5 An Integrated Approach

ISBN: 9780602226770 $3,135.00
An Integrated Approach to Reading Format: Softcover Publisher: Hodder Education

GSAT Vocabulary Made Simple (yellow flower)

EAN 797664607521 $3,130.00
GSAT & SEA Levels Yellow Flower Publisher: Charran Publishing House

GSAT Vocabulary Made Simple

ISBN: 9789766460433 $3,130.00
GSAT & COMMON ENTRANCE LEVELS Red flower on the cover Author: Harry Subnaik Publisher: Charran Publishing House

New Caribbean Junior Reader 3

ISBN: 9780602226756 $3,115.00
  • Develop comprehension and critical thinking skills in students with extracts on environmental, technological, and historical topics supporting an integrated approach to learning.
  • Broaden students' understanding with a variety of extracts from the Caribbean and beyond including fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.
Author: D Walker Publisher: Hodder Education

New Caribbean Junior Reader 4

ISBN: 9780602226763 $3,115.00
The revised edition includes:
  • highly attractive, full-colour pages which are clear and easy to follow
  • activities to develop comprehension and critical thinking skills in pupils
  • up to date fiction and non-fiction extract reflecting life in the Caribbean today
Publisher: Hodder Education

If Caterpillars Can Fly So Can I

ISBN: 9780972730419 $3,100.00
Why wait and hope for your dream to discover you? Step out and meet it today. This book shows you how you can. Author: Alvin Day

Primary Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 3

EAN: 9780435990053 $3,025.00
Developed by a team of dedicated educators from Jamaica, to meet the specific needs of the integrated Jamaican curriculum. Author: Catherine Malcolm Publisher: GINN

Primary Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 5

EAN 9780435080280 $3,025.00
PUPIL BOOK 5 ISBN: 9780435080280 Author: Derrick Hall, Mellodene Henry-Davy

Primary Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 6

EAN 9780435080297 $3,025.00
ISBN: 9780435080297 Author: Mellodene Henry-Davy, Raymond Simmonds Publisher: GINN