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Ash the Flash

Authors: Hazel D. Campbell, Nattalie Gordon ISBN: 9789766381219

Meter Stick With Metal Ends 7595

UPC: 7595 $499.00 T
Made of selected wood, these rulers are lacquered with a multiple coat for a natural finish. Rulers are scaled on both sides, Centimeters on one side and inches on the other. Ruler also is designed with a hole for hanging. Metal Edging.

Gleaner Spelling B

SPELLING BEE Sample Word List Revised Edition 2015  

Practising Comprehension A Skilled Based Approach Grade 1

A Skill - Based Approach  ISBN: 9789768185884 Author: Clifford Narinsingh

New Integrated Approach Language Arts Workbook 5

New Integrated Approach Language Arts Workbook 5 ISBN: 9879769602618 Author: R.A. Blair et al

Carlong Primary Social Studies Year 4

Carlong Primary Social Studies Year 4 is the revision of the first of three books in the very successful Carlong Primary Social Studies series. The textbook provides full coverage of the new National Standards Curriculum (NSC) for Grade 4 social studies. The topics, focus questions and content closely reflect the focus and emphases of this curriculum. The book also focuses on integrated learning and seeks to cater to different learning styles. ISBN: 9789766382117 Author: Davia Bryan-Campbell et al.