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Mind Builders Test Your Thinking Skills

ISBN: 9789766382124 $940.00
This workbook integrates numerous topics including Venn diagrams, equations, numerical patterns, vocabulary, analogies, antonyms and synonyms, as well as items that test visual discrimination Author: J. O'Connor et al

How Smart Are You? Reasoning and Problem Solving

ISBN: 9789766381783 $900.00
The book comprises 25 smart tests with 20 items each. The tests are progressively challenging and cater to those at varying learning levels. It's a fun activity book that tests and stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Author: Sonia E. Bennett; BB Anders Publisher: Carlong Publishers

Island Princess in Brooklyn

EAN 9789766381103 $900.00
Author: Diane Browne ISBN: 9789766381103

Oxford First Dictionary

ISBN: 9780192767219 $889.00
Key features:
  • First 5000 words to build vocabulary and language skills
  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives and other word classes given
  • Simple definitions in full sentences
  • Child-friendly example sentences taken from children's reading
  • Activities to help with spelling and grammar
Publisher: Oxford University Press  

Health & Family Life for Primary School Activity Book 6

ISBN: 9780230431850 $886.00
Health and Family Life Education attempt to meet some of the challenges facing Caribbean societies today, including the HIV and AIDS epidemic, rising levels of violence, health and environmental problems.  

Oxford First Spanish Words

EAN 9780199110049 $869.00
Format: Softcover ISBN:  9780199110049 Publisher: Oxford University Press

An Introduction to Computers Computer Whiz Book 2 Revised Edition

Computer Whiz Revised Edition is a series that familiarizes students of Class 1 to 5 with the concepts and applications of computers in a simple and interesting way. ISBN:9780195478655 Author: Sameena M. Haidermota Publisher: Oxford  

Everyday Spelling Book 5

ISBN: 9780195553178 $840.00
Key Features:
  • focus lists of family group words, spelling demons and interest words
  • new 'Take the Challenge' ans 'Stepping up' actions
  • helpful hints for troublesome words
  • activities that teach word attack skills through a variety of motivational exercises
  • activities to challenge the more able students
Author: Bob Monaghan et al. Publisher: Oxford University Press