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Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2 (In print letters)

EAN 9781844141784 $805.00
IN PRINT LETTERS   ISBN:¬† 9781844141784 Format: Softcover Published by Jolly Learning Ltd

Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 2

ISBN: 9781844141685 $805.00
The Phonics Pupil Books teach the skills needed for reading and writing. Authors: Sara Wernham and Sue Lloyd

Poems For Grade 1 Integrated Studies

EAN: 9789768172624 $800.00
Sharing poetry with children is an excellent means of developing appreciative listening. Author: Eden A Collins-Williams

Multiple Choice Practice Papers for Common Entrance

ISBN: 976605133X $800.00
in Mathematics, English, and Mental Ability. Part 1 These test papers are not intended as substitutes for ordinary lessons, but as supplementary exercises, to determine weak points and to give extra practice in areas where most errors are made. Author: Joan Delapenha; Jean Rose; Liz Scholefield

Carlong Practice Papers for Common Entrance English

This workbook enables pupils to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions from data presented in a variety of formats: grids, tables, maps, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs etc. This is a critical skill for every student from upper primary level onwards. Key Features: The following topics are dealt with in this text: Verbal reasoning Rhyming words Spatial relationships Arithmetic progression Visual discrimination Logic Analogies