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Carlong Practice Papers for Common Entrance Mathematics

This workbook enables pupils to analyse, evaluate and draw conclusions from data presented in a variety of formats: grids, tables, maps, pictographs, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs etc. This is a critical skill for every student from upper primary level onwards. Key Features: Look Out For: Pull out answer sheets in all the books in the series.

Ash the Flash

Authors: Hazel D. Campbell, Nattalie Gordon ISBN: 9789766381219

Meter Stick With Metal Ends 7595

EAN: 26487775958 $499.00 T
Made of selected wood, these rulers are lacquered with a multiple coat for a natural finish. Rulers are scaled on both sides, Centimeters on one side and inches on the other. Ruler also is designed with a hole for hanging. Metal Edging.

Gleaner Spelling B

SPELLING BEE Sample Word List Revised Edition 2015  

The New Integrated Approach Critical Thinking Workbook 5

ISBN: 9789769632820 $1,600.00
This workbook consists of twelve (12) practice papers aligned to different curriculum areas.  The activities provide opportunities for students to
  • analyze
  • evaluate
  • identify
  • classify
  • code and decode
  • compare
  • investigate,
  • make references
  • solve problems
Author: Beverly Powell et al Publisher: PST Central