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Collins Social Studies Atlas for Jamaica

ISBN: 9780008298678 $2,399.00
Prepared specifically to support social studies and geography courses at upper primary and lower secondary levels throughout the Caribbean. Maps are fully supported with illustrations, photographs, and data.  

Jamaica Social Studies Atlas 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9781380034328 $2,666.00
Key Features:
  • Comprehensively revised for the NSC.
  • Mapped to the social studies syllabus for grades 4-9, and geography syllabus for grades 7-9
  • The most up-to-date atlas, with statistics and data as available in 2019
  • Offers extensive Caribbean, world and Jamaica-specific sections
  • Lies flat on the desk, making map work easier and more practical
  • Supported with free-to-download activities, map skills, competitions and teacher tips for getting the most out of your atlas
Publisher: Macmillan

A World of Poetry

EAN 9781510414310 $3,700.00
ISBN : 9781510414310 Edited by : Mark McWatt, Hazel Simmonds-McDonald Publisher: Hodder Education

A World of Prose

EAN 9781510414327 $3,700.00
ISBN : 9781510414327 Edited by: H. Simmonds-McDonald et al Publisher: Hodder Education

The Young Warriors

ISBN: 9781398307858 $3,025.00
Author : V. S. Reid Publisher: Hodder Education

Twelfth Night with CSEC Notes

ISBN: 9789766485399 $2,900.00
Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most entertaining romantic comedies. Author: William Shakespeare Publisher: C.E.P

Easy Approach to Skills in Geography

ISBN: 9789810621209 $4,600.00
Easy Approach to Skills in Geography explores the physical and human environments through maps, photographs and diagrams. Learning to read maps and interpret diagrams and photographs will deepen your understanding of the physical and human landscapes. Author : V A Rahil Publisher Caribbean Educational Publishers

My Father Sun-Sun Johnson

ISBN: 9780230733466 $2,502.00
With Study Notes The revised editions include new supplementary material including chapter summaries, an exploration of the book's major themes and post-reading comprehension activities. Author: C. Everard Palmer Publisher: Macmillan Publishers