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Oxford Principles of Business for CSEC 2 Edition

ISBN: 9780198437352 $7,115.00 T
Updated to match the latest syllabus, Principles of Business for CSEC 2nd edition focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of business in the Caribbean's diverse economic environment.

Carlong Principles of Business for CSEC With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises

ISBN: 9789766381110 $4,900.00 T
Carlong Principles of Business for CSEC® With SBA, Study Guide & Exercises is a revision of an old favourite, the very successful CXC Principles of Business with SBA, Study Guide & Exercises. Authors: Karlene Robinson; Sybile Hamil Publisher: Carlong

Principles of Business 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780230716445 $4,576.00 T
The books in this series have been designed to make it easy to study a whole topic from scratch, or to seek out answers to individual problems. Key Features:
  • Learning objectives stated at the beginning of each chapter and a summary at the end
  • Keywords highlighted in the margins form a glossary
  • A chapter on the SBA component
  • Questions throughout the text allow students to check their understanding as they study
  • Examination-style questions and multiple choice questions for review purposes and examination
Author: Ivan Waterman et al Publisher: Macmillan

Macmillan Principle of Business CSEC

$3,671.00 T
ISBN: 9780230716445 Author:Ivan Waterman Publisher:Macmillan Education

Entrepreneurship for Caribbean Students 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9789766382131 $3,300.00 T
Key Features: • Clearly defined objectives and learning outcomes at the start of each chapter • Varied case studies in the book and online that are set within a Caribbean context • Varied exercises to illuminate concepts and theories • Chapter summaries throughout the entire book • Review and discussion questions at the end of each chapter to provide reinforcement and encourage peer teaching Author: Lystra B. Stephens-James; et al Publisher: Carlong Publishers

POB for CSEC Study Guide

$3,274.00 T
For self-study and distance learning ISBN: 9781408509036 Format : Softcover Publisher: Oxford University Press