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Principles of Business 5th Edition

ISBN: 9780230716445 $4,576.00 T
The books in this series have been designed to make it easy to study a whole topic from scratch, or to seek out answers to individual problems. Key Features:
  • Learning objectives stated at the beginning of each chapter and a summary at the end
  • Keywords highlighted in the margins form a glossary
  • A chapter on the SBA component
  • Questions throughout the text allow students to check their understanding as they study
  • Examination-style questions and multiple choice questions for review purposes and examination
Author: Ivan Waterman et al Publisher: Macmillan

Macmillan Principle of Business CSEC

$3,671.00 T
ISBN: 9780230716445 Author:Ivan Waterman Publisher:Macmillan Education

POB for CSEC Study Guide

$3,274.00 T
For self-study and distance learning ISBN: 9781408509036 Format : Softcover Publisher: Oxford University Press