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Sociology for Caribbean Students

ISBN: 9789766372254 $3,780.00
The book has been significantly revised to include new activities, data and exercises to clarify concepts and theories which may be difficult to grasp for the beginner in Sociology; and will thereby remain the preferred text for students. Author:  Nasser Mustapha Publisher: Carlong Publisher

Writing in English A Course Book for Caribbean Students

ISBN: 9789766373696 $4,200.00
Writing in English features an extensive section on the various modes of discourse as well as on the process of writing. Features:
  • Essay Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Reference Units
  • Peer Review Activities
  • Self-Check Support
  • Group Work
  • Extracts
  • Sample Answers
  • Grammar Points
Author: Hazel Simmonds-McDonald Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers

CAPE Revision Guide Communication Studies

ISBN: 9780008157296 $4,245.00
The book features:
  • An engaging colour layout highlighting key information
  • Clear and comprehensive coverage of each module of the syllabus
  • Guidance on techniques for Papers 1 and 2 and the school-based assessment
  • Clear, succinct explanations of core concepts
  • Multiple choice questions for practice with answer at the back of the book
  • Practical advice and guidance to help students do well in the exam
  • Example essay questions with useful commentary
Author: Natalee Cole Publisher: Harper Collins

CAPE Pure Math Solution Unit 2 (Topical) 2004-2013

ISBN: 9789766483166 $4,400.00
Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher: C.E.P

CAPE Economics Unit 1 Comprehensive Economics

ISBN: 9789766481926 $4,700.00
This text is the second edition of Comprehension Economics for Caribbean Students. It provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics encompasses in the Economics syllabus of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. Author: Edward Bahaw Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Biology Unit 1 for CAPE Examinations

ISBN: 9780521176903 $5,760.00
This course provides:
  • total coverage of Unit 1 of the CAPE Biology syllabus
  • worked examples to help students develop their problem solving skills
  • a clear indication of the chapter content at the beginning of each chapter
  • a summary of key ideas at the end of chapter
  • end-of-chapter questions in a range of formats, including multiple choice, structured and essay questions, to test understanding
  • a glossary of biological terms.
Author(s): M. Ramesar; M. Jones; G. Jones Publisher: Cambridge

CAPE Communication Studies

ISBN: 9781408266137 $6,200.00
With the aid of this book, readers will be able to:
  • recognise, manipulate, and master the rhetorical genres
  • develop understanding skills that will provide a lifelong aptitude to think creatively
  • understand and appreciate language usage in a cultural setting, particularly within the Caribbean context
  • speak and write with expertise and confidence
Author(s): Leila Lord; Maureen Dee-Hosein, et al Publisher: Pearson

CAPE Communication Studies

ISBN: 9789766485597 $6,250.00
This book attempts to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to satisfy the basic requirements of Paper 1 and 2 of the CAPE communication studies syllabus by covering fifteen units in three module areas. Author: Dr. Harold McDermott Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Environmental Science for the Caribbean Units 1 and 2

ISBN: 9789766484071 $6,550.00
The revised edition of Environmental Science for the Caribbean gives a holistic and concise understanding of the subject and is separated into six (6) major chapters. Author: Navinda Ramsaroop Publisher: C.E.P

Chemistry for CAPE

ISBN: 9789766484910 $7,500.00
This book simplifies the material required by the syllabus and goes with each specific objective and is therefore student friendly. Author: Susan Maraj Publisher: C.E.P