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A World of Poetry

EAN 9781510414310 $3,700.00
ISBN : 9781510414310 Edited by : Mark McWatt, Hazel Simmonds-McDonald Publisher: Hodder Education

A World of Prose

EAN 9781510414327 $3,700.00
ISBN : 9781510414327 Edited by: H. Simmonds-McDonald et al Publisher: Hodder Education

The Young Warriors

ISBN: 9781398307858 $3,025.00
Author : V. S. Reid Publisher: Hodder Education

Twelfth Night with CSEC Notes

ISBN: 9789766485399 $2,900.00
Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most entertaining romantic comedies. Author: William Shakespeare Publisher: C.E.P

My Father Sun-Sun Johnson

ISBN: 9780230733466 $2,502.00
With Study Notes The revised editions include new supplementary material including chapter summaries, an exploration of the book's major themes and post-reading comprehension activities. Author: C. Everard Palmer Publisher: Macmillan Publishers

Sunsong 1

EAN 9780582765559 $2,895.00
ISBN: 9780582765559 Publisher: Hodder Education Author: Pamela Mordecai

For the Life of Laetitia

ISBN: 9781250765307 $2,450.00
"One of the most wonderful and extraordinary portrayals of a child's life in the English-speaking Caribbean."

Animal Farm with CSEC Notes

ISBN: 9789766485382 $2,150.00
George Orwell's stinging satire on Statin's regime in Russia is a warning against all totalitarian regimes. It is an excellent novel that allows young people to evaluate the effects of dictatorial rule and see how language can be used to control the minds of people within society.   Publisher: C.E.P

The Enchanted Island

EAN 9780435121006 $3,660.00
One of a series of top-quality fiction for schools. These retelling of Shakespeare stories focus on "The Taming of the Shrew", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "The Merchant of Venice", "Henry IV Part 1", "Henry V", "Twelfth Night", "Julius Caesar", "Hamlet", "King Lear", "Macbeth" and "The Tempest ISBN: 9780435121006 Author : Ian Serrailler