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Bite In 3

ISBN: 9780175663880 $2,690.00
This third edition offers a carefully graded selection of poems to cater for all abilities. Author: Cecil Gray

Breath, Eyes, Memory

ISBN: 9781616955021 $2,600.00
In  her stunning literary debut , Danticat evokes the wonder , terror, and heartache of her native Haiti and the enduring strength of Haiti's women - with vibrant imagery and narrative grace that bear witness to her people's suffering and courage. Author: Edwidge Danticat

Crick Crack Monkey

EAN 9780435989514 $2,545.00
ISBN: 9780435989514 Published by: HODDER EDUCATION Author: Merle Hodge

Sunsong 2

EAN 9780582089136 $2,545.00
ISBN: 9780582089136 Publisher: Hodder Education Author: Pamela Mordecai Format: Softcover

Sunsong 1

EAN 9780582765559 $2,545.00
ISBN: 9780582765559 Publisher: Hodder Education Author: Pamela Mordecai

Hot Spot

EAN 9781447975243 $2,545.00
ISBN: 9781447975243 Format: Paperback Publisher: Pearson Education Limited

Aunt Jen

EAN 9780435910129 $2,545.00
ISBN : 9780435910129 Author: Paulette Ramsay

Miguel Street

EAN 9780435989545 $2,545.00
Life in Trinidad is described through the eyes of a street rab in Miguel Street. The happy-go-lucky community abounds in eccentric characters. ISBN :9780435989545 Author: V.S Naipaul

The Lion & The Witch Wardrobe

EAN 9780003300093 $2,350.00
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the second book in C. S. Lewis's classic fantasy series, which has been drawing readers of all ages into a magical land with unforgettable characters for over sixty years Author: C.S Lewis ISBN: ISBN :9780003300093

Peter Of Mount Ephraim

EAN 9766060169 $2,300.00
ISBN : 9766060169 Author: Vic Reid

Voyage An Anthology of Short Stories

EAN 9789768185433 $2,279.00
An Anthology of Poems and Short Stories This anthology comprises works of some of the world's renowned short story writes and poets, and is designed to introduce students of the middle Secondary School to a variety of short stories and poems which would provide both pleasure and enlightenment. ISBN: 978-9768185433 Author: Uriel Narinesingh