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Full Circle

ISBN: 9780333996485 $2,108.00
The Rami Johnson Story A life-affirming story of how Rami Johnson overcomes tragedy to rebuild his home and his life and restores his family's fortune. Author: C. Everard Palmer

Sprat Morrison

EAN 9780582052079 $2,140.00
ISBN: 9780582052079 Author: Jean D'Costa Publisher: Hodder Education

Animal Farm with CSEC Notes

ISBN: 9789766485382 $2,150.00
George Orwell's stinging satire on Statin's regime in Russia is a warning against all totalitarian regimes. It is an excellent novel that allows young people to evaluate the effects of dictatorial rule and see how language can be used to control the minds of people within society.   Publisher: C.E.P

Escape to Last Man Peak

EAN 9780582765757 $2,165.00
ISBN: 9780582765757 Author: Jean D'Costa Format: Paperback

Introducing Literature

ISBN: 9789769560536 $2,200.00
Key features:
  • Literary Elements
  • Reading Skills
  • Comprehension Skills
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Integrated Activities
  • Reflection (Journal Writing)
Author: J. Ann Jackson Publisher: Korban Publishing

Voyage An Anthology of Short Stories

EAN 9789768185430 $2,279.00
An Anthology of Poems and Short Stories This anthology comprises works of some of the world's renowned short story writes and poets, and is designed to introduce students of the middle Secondary School to a variety of short stories and poems which would provide both pleasure and enlightenment. ISBN: 978-9768185433 Author: Uriel Narinesingh

Peter Of Mount Ephraim

EAN 9766060169 $2,300.00
ISBN : 9766060169 Author: Vic Reid

For the Life of Laetitia

ISBN: 9781250765307 $2,450.00
"One of the most wonderful and extraordinary portrayals of a child's life in the English-speaking Caribbean."

My Father Sun-Sun Johnson

ISBN: 9780230733466 $2,502.00
With Study Notes The revised editions include new supplementary material including chapter summaries, an exploration of the book's major themes and post-reading comprehension activities. Author: C. Everard Palmer Publisher: Macmillan Publishers