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Over Our Way

ISBN: 9781398307827 $3,025.00
We cannot see the beginnings or ends of our way, but we can tell some of the stories of what happens over our way: stories which we alone can tell, stories about our friendships, our lonelinesses, our games, our crimes, our sorrows and joys, our triumphs and dreams. Suitable for readers aged 11 and above. Author: Jean DaCosta Publisher: Hodder Education

Old Story Time

EAN 9781398307810 $3,025.00 T
Old Story Time is a Caribbean classic, providing brilliantly entertaining theatre about race, identity, malice, and the redeeming power of love. Author: Trevor Rhone Publisher: Hodder Education

Green Days By the River

EAN 9780435989552 $3,025.00
Another perceptive novel about a boy on the edge of adult responsibilities. ISBN: 9780435989552 Author: Michael Anthony

The Young Warriors

ISBN: 9781398307858 $3,025.00
Author : V. S. Reid Publisher: Hodder Education

Aunt Jen

ISBN: 9780435910129 $3,025.00
A painfully one-sided correspondence, "Aunt Jen" reveals the complex inheritance we pass on to our children. Author: Paulette Ramsay Publisher: Hodder Education

Things Fall Apart

EAN 9780435913502 $3,000.00
''...a very simple but excellent novel’' ISBN: 9780435913502 Author: Chinua Achebe

Bite In 1

ISBN: 9780175663866 $2,976.00
This book is an introduction to reading and discussing poetry for first-year students. Author: Cecil Grey

Bite In 2

EAN 9780175663873 $2,976.00
This second edition offers a carefully graded selection of poems to cater for all abilities. ISBN: 9780175663873 Author: Cecil Gray

Twelfth Night with CSEC Notes

ISBN: 9789766485399 $2,900.00
Twelfth Night is one of Shakespeare's most entertaining romantic comedies. Author: William Shakespeare Publisher: C.E.P