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French Two Years Workbook 3rd. Edition

ISBN: 9780877204701 $4,890.00
A complete review of the elements of first-level French plus the materials for the second year. Author: Eli Blume

French First Year Blume Stein

EAN 9781567653380 $3,815.00
French First Year, second edition by Gail Stein & Eli Blume is designed to give students a comprehensive review and understanding of the elements taught in level-one French. ISBN :9781567653380

Encore Tricolore 1

Nouvelle Edition ISBN: 9780174402718 Author: Sylvia Honnor; Heather Mascie-Taylor

Collins Easy Learning French Dictionary

ISBN: 9780008300258 $2,680.00
The easiest way to learn French
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand
Publisher: Harper Collins

Collins Mission Fran?ais Workbook 1



ISBN: 9780007513444 Author: Oliver Grey Publisher: Collins

Collins Mission Francais Workbook 2



ISBN: 9780007513451 Author: Oliver Gray Publisher: Collins

Collins Mission Francais Workbook 3



ISBN: 9780007513468 Author: Oliver Gray Publisher: Collins

Encore Tricolore GIA 2

Nouvelle Edition
  • Manageable content allows teachers to use the Workbooks more effectively alongside the series' other components.
  • User-friendly and accessible with more writing space and clear layout.
ISBN: 9780748795000 Author:  H Mascie-Taylor et al.