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Interact with Information Technology Book 1

ISBN: 9781510473966 $5,080.00 T
  • Consolidate learning through a range of question types such as Multiple Choice, True or False, Short Answer, and a fun Crossword puzzle.
  •  Build critical thinking and project work skills with research and STEM projects using real-life situations.
  • Develop understanding with new topics covered such as computer ethics, algorithm development, emerging careers.
Author: Roland Birbal; Michele Taylor Publisher: Hodder Education

My Own Workbook for CSEC Information Technology

ISBN: 9789769611337 $2,490.00 T
Key Features:
  • Full coverage of all new topics
  • Syllabus reference throughout
  • Range of question types
  • 50+ problem-solving and programming questions
Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: Nutcracker

Microsoft Word Made Simple 2007/10

EAN 9789769548503 $3,000.00 T
STUDENT'S WORKBOOK (Rev. Ed) Author: George King

Just Click for the Caribbean

ISBN: 9781382004114 $5,161.00 T
Just Click for the Caribbean Third Edition provides a strong foundation for lower secondary students to study Information Technology at the CSEC level. Author: Howard Lincoln, et al. Publisher: Oxford

Exploring Information Technology (New Ed.)

ISBN: 9789768246448 $3,800.00 T
Core Features:
  • Thorough, clear, and easy to understand
  • Fun-filled and has lots of visual aids
  • Allows the exploration and application such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and Powerpoint
Author: Dionne Steinbeck  

500+ Practice Questions For CSEC Exams Information Technology

ISBN: 9789769611351 $1,200.00 T
500+ Practice Questions For CSEC Exams Information Technology is intended for students preparing to sit examinations from May 2020. It is fully revised and is aligned with the new syllabus published in 2018. Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: Nutcracker

Electronic Document Preparation and Management Workbook for CSEC Examination

ISBN: 9789768245304 $4,995.00 T
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter outlining the concepts that will be discussed.
  • Keywords highlighted in the margins form a glossary.
  • Practical questions to develop technical competence in the subject.
  • Revision exercises throughout the units to reinforce learning and accuracy and speed development.
  • Detailed guidance for the preparation, completion, and submission of the school-based assessment (SBA).
Author: Donna Pryce Publisher: LMH Publishers

Microsoft Excel Made Simple 2007/10

EAN 9789769548589 $3,000.00 T
STUDENT'S WORKBOOK (Rev.Ed) Author: George King

Log On To IT

ISBN: 9781510459977 $5,400.00 T
Fully updated to reflect the new curriculum and new approaches to IT teaching. Author: Roland Birbal; Michele Taylor Publisher: Hodder Education

Mastering Pseudocode Step by Step

$3,000.00 T
'Programming' is the most talked about experience in the high school Information Technology and Computer Science syllabus. Author: Marie Rose-Pittal

Microsoft Access Made Simple 2007-2010

UPC: 9789769548534 $2,300.00 T
This guide seeks primarily to reduce the time spent by teachers to prepare excercises and handouts for students and allow students to work at their own pace. Author: George King Publisher: Infotech Trainers & Consultants