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Microsoft Excel Made Simple 2007/10

EAN 9789769548589 $3,000.00 T
STUDENT'S WORKBOOK (Rev.Ed) Author: George King

Microsoft Word Made Simple 2007/10

EAN 9789769548503 $3,000.00 T
STUDENT'S WORKBOOK (Rev. Ed) Author: George King

Information Technology For CSEC Study Guide

EAN 9781408516171 $2,925.00 T
A Caribbean Examinations Council Study Guide ISBN : 9781408516171 Format: Softcover Publisher: Oxford University Press

My Own Workbook for CSEC Information Technology

ISBN: 9789769611337 $2,490.00 T
Key Features:
  • Full coverage of all new topics
  • Syllabus reference throughout
  • Range of question types
  • 50+ problem-solving and programming questions
Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: Nutcracker

Microsoft Access Made Simple 2007-2010

UPC: 9789769548534 $2,300.00 T
This guide seeks primarily to reduce the time spent by teachers to prepare excercises and handouts for students and allow students to work at their own pace. Author: George King Publisher: Infotech Trainers & Consultants

Electronic Document Preparation & Management

ISBN: 9780230465794 $2,399.00 T
Workbook for CSEC Examinations This Workbook is designed to help students to:
  • demonstrate mastery of a Qwerty keyboard, utilizing the standard and function keys
  • prepare documents in accordance with universally accepted standards
  • interpret correct signs and terminologies used in document preparation
  • develop skills to use computer software and hardware effectively to produce various documents
Author: Howard Campbell et al. Publisher: Macmillan

Electronic Document Preparation and Management for CSEC Workbook

ISBN: 9780198358619 $1,743.00 T
Electronic Document Preparation and Management for CSEC Workbook is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills required for working in the modern office. Author: Ann Margaret Jacob Publisher: Oxford

Information Tech Made Simple

ISBN: 9766105693 $1,700.00 T
Second Edition Author: George King

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go USB Drive 8 GB

UPC: 50023942955073 $1,200.00 T
The Store ‘n’ Go® gives you the ability to capture all your data in one small, convenient location and move that information with you throughout the day. The retractable housing easily slides in and out—no cap to lose. For sensitive files, these drives offer password protection for your peace of mind.

500+ Practice Questions For CSEC Exams Information Technology

ISBN: 9789769611351 $1,200.00 T
500+ Practice Questions For CSEC Exams Information Technology is intended for students preparing to sit examinations from May 2020. It is fully revised and is aligned with the new syllabus published in 2018. Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: Nutcracker