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Physics for CSEC 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781408525111 $6,549.00 T
Key Features:
  • Objectives at the beginning of each topic clearly describe what will be covered
  • Key facts draw out the most important points from the topic
  • Worked examples help students with physics calculations
  • Exam tips support student exam practice and revision
Author: John Avison; Louise Petheram; David Henry Publisher: Nelson Thornes/Oxford Press

Physics for CSEC Examinations 3rd Edition

ISBN: 9780230438842 $6,399.00 T
Key Features:
  • The intuitive and easy-to-follow format makes it simple to study a whole topic or to find answers to specific problems
  • Regular consolidation (in-text questions and exam preparation) checks to understand and reinforces learning
  • The new group-work feature tests students’ investigative and problem-solving skills and demonstrates real-world applications of key syllabus points
  • Practical activities and experiments throughout the text encourage hands-on learning
  • The dedicated School-Based Assessment section gives step-by-step tips to maximize success in the CSEC® coursework
Author: Alex Farley; Clarence Trotz Publisher: Macmillan

Heinemann Physics for CSEC

ISBN: 9780435975333 $4,949.00 T
Eliminate the need for supplementary resources by providing complete syllabus coverage with a lively, accessible textbook written by experienced teachers of physics. Authors: Norman Lambert et al Publisher: HODDER Education

Collins CSEC Physics Workbook

ISBN: 9780008116033 $2,299.00 T
Key Features:
  • Questions and activities on all aspects of the Biology Syllabus
  • Clear diagrams, charts and graphs for data analysis activities
  • Clear mark allocations to indicate the value of each questions part
Author: Terry David Publisher: Harper Collins

Collins Practice Multiple Choice Questions CSEC Physics

ISBN 9780008200879 $2,200.00 T
The Practice Multiple Choice Questions for CSEC® series provides excellent practice for the multiple-choice questions from Paper 1 of the CSEC® examinations. Author: Peter DeFreitas Publisher: Collins