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Crayola Pencil Crayons

$294.00$970.00 T
The Crayola® Colored Pencils are essential for any set of art supplies. Easily blend the bold colors. Sharpened points make these Crayola colored pencils draw smoothly.

Sargeant Art Poster Paint

$436.00$819.00 T


$792.00 T
Package contains: Stapler Staples Staple Remover

Studmark Glue Gun

EAN 7453015151329 $730.00 T

Helix Precision Compass Thumbwheel

$645.00 T

Helix Compass Thumbwheel

ISBN: 079252325773
  • The Compass' Thumbwheel provides enhanced accuracy and precision.
  • Contains 2 mm replacement leads and additional screws and nuts.
  • This metal compass also has a geared head for centering.

SM Expanding File Folder

EAN 4 $632.00 T
Neon Expanding File A4 Available in different colours.

Deli Blooming Rotary Pencil Sharpener 0671

UPC: 6921734906717 $600.00 T
Key Features:
  • Deli Rotary Sharpener is auto feeding and auto return anti-clockwise
  • Auto-feed function for convenient sharpening and avoid the lead breaking
  • Suitable for round, hexagonal and triangular pencils
  • Quality steel blade, perfect sharpen angle
  • Extra Sharp blade for smooth and easy sharpening
  • Transparent design, big storage area to avoid frequently cleaning
Note: cannot sharpen soft material pen, like crayon and oil pastel


$590.00 T
12 Pocket Document Expandable Folder with clip. Size: A4

MY FIRST Crayola Art Smock

$570.00 T
My first Art Smock - Crayola Apron Keep kids and their clothes clean while they explore creating with color! This durable smock is easy to clean and reusable for hours of worry-free, creative play. Includes 1 art smock in a colorful, eye-catching design.