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$77.00 T
Oxford Clear 10cm/180 Degrees Protractor with black decal.
  • Metric gradings and clear precise markings
  • Ideal for School, College and Students

Monami Accu Liner Ultra Fine Markers

UPC: 73448412302 $75.00 T
Key Features:
  • Alcohol-based permanent ink for overhead projection
  • Accurate writing with fine and durable nib (U/fine)
  • Correctable and erasable with alcohol
  • Marks on almost any surface
  • Waterproof
  • Ink colour: Blue
  • Tip- Ultra fine

Unimax Ultra Glide Plastic Clip Blue Pen

UPC: 8907430036680 $70.00 T
The stylish Unimax Ultra Glide pen with a foil-coated body and chrome nib is ideal for office use. A pen for those who prefer classics with an accent of novelty and freshness. The combination of unique ink and nib assembly technologies allows you to write 20% longer without gaps and blots with minimal pressure on the pen.

Maped Jumbo Pencil

EAN 3154148547594 $70.00 T


  • Hardness: HB, lead thickness: 4.7 mm, triangular,
  • dark gray / orange lacquered, break-proof graphite lead

Studmark Pencil Mechanical 0.7

EAN 7453015129533 $70.00 T


Available in various colours.    

Studmark Mechanical Pencil 0.5 leads

$70.00 T

Studmark Leads/Minas  LD05 – HB

Dimensions 0.5 mm x 60 mm 1 Tube of 20 Leads ISBN: 7453015137248  

Studmark Mechanical Pencil LEADS 7mm points

$70.00 T

 Studmark Leads/Minas  LD07 - HB

Dimensions 0.7 mm x 60 mm 1 Tube of 20 Leads ISBN: 7453015133004  

Wooden Ruler 12″

EAN 6939540502429 $66.00 T
Wooden Ruler 12 Inch/ 30 CM

Pen Unimax Ultra Glide Basic Blue 1.0mm

UPC: 8907430036505 $65.00 T
Ultraglide Basic is a dynamic device crafted for everyday use. Encased in engineering grade polymer that is scratched resistant and an ink system that glides on paper, the Ultraglide range of pens is robust yet sleek, a superior tool for long term use.

Studmark 2 n1 Eraser Sharpener

$65.00 T
Studmark 2 in 1 eraser and sharpener comes in assorted colours.