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PEP Mental Ability Grade 6

ISBN 9789769572621 $2,600.00
A complete and exciting response to the difficulties that our grade six (6) students face in verbal and logical reasoning. This book contains a wide variety of thinking and reasoning stimulus materials needed to master the PEP Ability Test Author: Zavier Clarke

Just Think Performance Task Grade 4

ISBN: 9789768245946 $2,495.00
The workbook will:
  •  provide opportunities for students to sharpen their critical thinking skills by exposing them to all levels of Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK).
  • enhance students’ research and writing skills.
  • expose students to the language used in the National Standards Curriculum.
  • provide collaborative learning.
  • provide real-world literacy and numeracy activities.

Just Think Performance Task Grade 6 PEP

ISBN: 9789768245809 $2,495.00
This workbook will:
  • Explain what the performance task is all about
  • Engage students in activities at all levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK)
  • Explore mathematical concepts in real life scenarios
  • Provide sufficient practice for Grade 6 students in mathematics and language arts performance task.
Author: Christine Levene Publisher: LMH Publishers

PEP Mental Ability Workbook 5

ISBN: 9789769572652 $2,200.00
Key Features:
  • Ability Practice Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning Skills
  • Deductive Reasoning Skills
  • Comprehension
  • Reasoning Games
  • Puzzles
Authors: Zavier Clarke; Olivene Scott Publisher: House of Greatness

Prepping For PEP Social Studies Grade 5 Performance Task

ISBN: 9789769629172 $2,200.00
PREPPING FOR PEP GRADE 5 This document is designed to assist educators in interpreting Jamaica's National Standards Curriculum for social studies. It contains the prioritized content and concepts aligned to the Expected Learning Outcomes for each unit. Author: Christie Wainwright Publisher: Olympus Publishers

PEP Practice Performance Task

EAN 9780578423913 $2,200.00
This workbook is designed to prepare students at the grades 4-6 levels in the skill-sets required for the PEP Performance Task. ISBN: 9780578423913 Author: Shalette Ashman