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Longman Geography for CSEC

ISBN: 9781405816632 $6,415.00
This book will motivate and stimulate students while preparing for final exams.
  • Develop students' understanding and scientific skills with plenty of questions, exercises, problems, and experiments.
  • Challenge high achievers with more difficult questions.
  • Test understanding with end-of-chapter checklists of skills and knowledge covered, as well as revision questions, sample school-based assessment activities, and worked examples.
Author: J. Ottley; M. Gentles  

Mathematics A Complete Course with CXC Question Vol One

ISBN: 9789766481322 $6,350.00
Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher : Caribbean Educational Publishers

Modules In Social Studies

ISBN: 9789766481360 $6,300.00
With SBA Guide & CXC Questions Authors: Rampersad Ramsawak, Ralph Umraw Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Principles of Accounts for the Caribbean 6th Ed

EAN 9781510436657 $6,075.00
ISBN: 9781405842235 Authors : Frank Wood; Sheila I. Robinson Format: Softcover

Complete Geography Course for CSEC.

ISBN: 9789766481391 $6,050.00
Provides basic and essential information for the CXC examinations. Tables, diagrams, photographs, and exercises are included at the end of each chapter. Exercises cover the subject in accordance with the requirements of the Caribbean Examinations Council. The aim of the text is to educate the student about his own environment, and also expose him to a more global perspective of the subject. Author: Vohn A. Rahil

Oxford Geography for CSEC

ISBN: 9781408527269 $5,653.00
Geography for CSEC 2nd Edition has been tailored to the requirements of the latest CSEC syllabus. It provides key issues facing the Caribbean region and the wider world such as climate change, environmental degradation and disaster management. Author: G. Nangle; P. Guinness

Caribbean History Independence Book 2

ISBN: 9781408205945 $5,445.00
Encourage an understanding of how what is happening now links to historical studies with "Since 1985". Author: William Claypole et al.

Caribbean History Foundation Book 1

ISBN: 9781408205938 $5,445.00
Ensure full coverage of themes from the late 19th century to 1985 with Caribbean History. Author: Bill Claypole et al.

Log On To IT for CSEC

ISBN: 97814082288760 $5,400.00
Log on to IT for CSEC 2nd edition is a comprehensive scheme covering the new CSEC IT curriculum. Author: Birbal, Taylor  

English for All Examination Level CSEC

ISBN: 9789768210227 $4,998.00
Core Features:
  • Relevant and contemporary prose and poetry selections
  • integration of language and literature
  • real-world literacy tasks
  • multiple intelligence applications to language
  • Task-based language learning
Author : Roy Narinesingh et al Publisher: DataZone Ltd.

Heinemann Physics for CSEC

ISBN: 9780435975333 $4,949.00
Eliminate the need for supplementary resources by providing complete syllabus coverage with a lively, accessible textbook written by experienced teachers of physics. Authors: Norman Lambert et al Publisher: HODDER Education