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New IBIS Reader Infant Book 1

ISBN: 9780582034556 $2,270.00
Skills covered in the Infant Book 1
  • Look and say whole meaningful words
  • Matching letter shapes
  • Recognizing initial sounds
  • Writing capital and small letter shapes
  • Recognizing short vowel sounds
  • Use of the present tense
  • Building meaningful single syllable words
  • Simple introduction of dictionary skills
Publisher: HODDER Education

Let’s Learn Together Infant Mathematics K3

ISBN: 9781534886278 $1,990.00
  • Assists with learning numerals and include topics relating to counting, addition, subtraction, measurement, graph, shapes, money, time and ordinal numbers
  • Embodies the 4C’s
  • Essential for the success of the new curriculum
Author: G. R. White Publisher: White Rain Publishing

Let’s Learn Together Our Island Jamaica K3 Student Workbook A

ISBN: 9781534885936 $1,990.00
  • Includes topics that relate to Jamaica, Transportation, Sports, and The Weather
  • Embodies the 4C’s
  • Essential for the success of the new curriculum
Author: J. E. White Publishing: White Rain Publishing

Integrated Mathematics for Primary School Infant 1

EAN 9789768056856 $1,850.00
A Problem Solving Approach  ISBN:  9789768056856 Authors: Seegobin & Harbukhan

Rediscovering Mathematics for the Caribbean Kindergarten for 4 year old’s

ISBN: 9789768245069 $1,695.00
The text includes attractive illustrations rich in mathematical content which captures children's attention and promotes the learning of Mathematics in a fun and lively way.

Let’s Learn Together Back to Basics Mathematics K2

ISBN: 9781534885752 $1,680.00
Author: G. R. White Publisher: White Rain Publishing

Let’s Learn Together Infant Phonics Book 2

ISBN: 9781534885783 $1,680.00
For Age 4 Author: J.E. White Publisher: WhiteRain Publishing

Fun With Phonics Vowels

ISBN: 9789768010926 $1,645.00
A highly successful, comprehensive course that introduces and builds phonic concepts and skills from beginning sounds to advanced decoding and word usage. Author: Gwen Gbedemah Publisher: Carlong  

Fun With Phonics Consonants

ISBN: 9789768010919 $1,645.00
Consonants enable pupils to recognize and write initial, medial, and final consonants, and to associate each letter with its sound(s).
  • Second Edition FWPC
Author: Gwen Gbedemah  

Fun With Phonics Consonant Blends

ISBN: 9789768010933 $1,645.00
Consonant Blends facilitates visual and written discrimination of blends and develops dictionary, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Author: Gwen Gbedemah

Infant Integrated Mathematics Workbook 2

ISBN: 9789768237965 $1,560.00
(formerly Learning The Smart Way- Numerals) This book is furnished with all kinds of integrated activities to enhance your child's learning, making them more interesting and more fun. Author: Maureen McLean; Lunett Fearon Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Get Ready To Learn Plants & Transportation

ISBN: 9789766060350 $1,520.00
Get Ready to Learn is an activity-oriented series that seek to enhance the teaching of the new curriculum – The Jamaica Early Childhood Curriculum for four year-olds. Author: Joan Lewis et al Publisher: Jamaica Publishing House