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Carlong English A For CSEC With Study Guide

ISBN: 9789766382353 $4,500.00 T
Key Features
  • Extensive multiple-choice exercises for building English language competency and giving examination practice
  • Three additional 60-item multiple-choice tests
  • Focus on the skills required for writing short stories, summaries, letters and articles
  • Practice in speech development and delivery
  • Practice questions and other activities for students to complete on their own
  • Hints and pointers on how to do well in the examination
  • List of common words and phrases frequently used in the examination
Author(s): Keith Noel; Sheilah Garcia-Bisnott Publisher: Carlong Publishers

Preparing For Language Arts Test Grade 4

ISBN: 9789768235442 $2,710.00 T
This book covers parts of speech, grammatical rules, as well as the reading skills requisite at this level. Author: J. Hagley Publisher: Archimedes Publishing