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Oxford Geography for CSEC

ISBN: 9781408527269 $7,704.00 T
Geography for CSEC 2nd Edition has been tailored to the requirements of the latest CSEC syllabus. It provides key issues facing the Caribbean region and the wider world such as climate change, environmental degradation and disaster management. Author: G. Nangle; P. Guinness

New Integrated Geography For CSEC

ISBN: 9789766487034 $7,500.00 T
Key Features:
  • A summary of key concepts and essential questions at the beginning of each chapter
  • Activity boxes and questions including multiple choices to encourage interactive learning, revision, and discussion
  • Many Caribbean examples and case studies
  • A comprehensive glossary at the end of each chapter and at the end of the week
Author: Sheldon G Beadsdell; Esther Cheong, et al Publisher: CEP

Complete Geography Course for CSEC.

ISBN: 9789766481391 $6,700.00 T
Provides basic and essential information for the CXC examinations. Tables, diagrams, photographs, and exercises are included at the end of each chapter. Exercises cover the subject in accordance with the requirements of the Caribbean Examinations Council. The aim of the text is to educate the student about his own environment, and also expose him to a more global perspective of the subject. Author: Vohn A. Rahil

Longman Geography for CSEC

ISBN: 9781405816632 $6,415.00 T
This book will motivate and stimulate students while preparing for final exams.
  • Develop students' understanding and scientific skills with plenty of questions, exercises, problems, and experiments.
  • Challenge high achievers with more difficult questions.
  • Test understanding with end-of-chapter checklists of skills and knowledge covered, as well as revision questions, sample school-based assessment activities, and worked examples.
Author: J. Ottley; M. Gentles  

Easy Approach to Skills in Geography

ISBN: 9789810621209 $5,200.00 T
Easy Approach to Skills in Geography explores the physical and human environments through maps, photographs and diagrams. Learning to read maps and interpret diagrams and photographs will deepen your understanding of the physical and human landscapes. Author : V A Rahil Publisher Caribbean Educational Publishers

Caribbean Environmental Geography

EAN 9789766480868 $4,950.00 T
For Lower Secondary ISBN: 9789766480868 Author: Vohn Rahil

Discovering Geography

ISBN: 9789769550964 $4,285.50 T
The purpose of this book is to introduce students to basic map reading skills and other topics in Geography, which will help students to better understand their environment. This book will provide students with the foundation for further studies in Geography. Author: D. McLeod; C. McFarlane; T. Williams

Collins Student Atlas for the Caribbean

ISBN: 9780008214326 $3,935.00 T
This completely new Collins Caribbean Student Atlas is created for the requirements of CSEC Geography students and is a vital tool for all students, with up-to-date reference and thematic mapping, useful statistics and an extensive index. The Atlas has been specifically designed for CSEC students, however its well-researched content and uncluttered design makes it easy for all student use. Publisher: Harper-Collins

Geography Workbook for CSEC

ISBN: 9789768202864 $3,295.00 T
This book covers the entire CSEC geography syllabus, and students will find the activities and examination-type questions very useful. Author: Deroll Barrett Publisher: LMH

Caribbean School Atlas For Social Studies Geography & History

ISBN 9781510434660 $2,942.00 T
Feel confident in full coverage of the curriculum requirements with an atlas specially created to cover Social Studies, Geography, and History. Publisher: Hodder Education

Geography Workbook Second Form

ISBN: 9789768202840 $2,895.00 T
These workbooks offer useful activities and information on topics that are usually covered at the Grade 8 level.

Geography Workbook First Form

ISBN: 9789768202833 $2,895.00 T
These workbooks offer useful activities and information on topics that are usually covered in Grade 7.