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Oxford First Dictionary

ISBN: 9780192767219 $2,050.00 T
Key features:
  • First 5000 words to build vocabulary and language skills
  • Nouns, verbs, adjectives and other word classes given
  • Simple definitions in full sentences
  • Child-friendly example sentences taken from children's reading
  • Activities to help with spelling and grammar
Publisher: Oxford University Press  

Integrated Reader 1

ISBN: 9789768237064 $2,030.00 T

The stories are based on the revised Curriculum for Grade One with the language and reading level quite appropriate for the grade.

Author: M. Mclean et al

Grade One Integrated Phonics Workbook

ISBN: 9789768237651 $1,910.00 T
Grade One Integrated Phonics Workbook Author: L. Fearon et al

Oxford Primary Dictionary (Paperback)

ISBN: 9780192768599 $1,830.00 T
  • More vocabulary and support to help children understand how to use different words in the right context
  • Up-to-date content from across school subjects
  • word origins and spelling notes make spelling, grammar and punctuation fun
Paperback edition Editors: Susan Rennie et al Publishers: Oxford

Grade One Integrated Language Arts Workbook

ISBN: 9789789768233 $1,810.00 T

Author: L. Fearon

Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Gateway to Literacy Language Arts Book 1

ISBN: 9789766381141 $1,650.00 T

Gateway to Literacy 

The workbook features a revision component, as well as most of the language arts-related material from our much-loved Carlong First Year Assessment Tests: Mental Ability. Author: Hyacinth Bennett