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CASCO Primary English 1

ISBN: 9789810078300 $2,400.00 T
The series of 6 books 'Primary English' is targeted for use in the Primary Schools as a basic grammar reference book designed to be user-friendly for both the learner and the teacher. I

Integrated Mathematics for Primary School Book 1

EAN 978976805610X $2,290.00 T
A Problem Solving Approach (includes manipulative booklet). This is the third of a six-part series of Mathematics texts for primary schools. The authors have concluded that the teaching and learning of Mathematics are most meaningful if the various areas of Mathematics are presented in an inter-related manner (i.e. an integrated approach) and a problem solving manner. ISBN:978976805610x Author: Seegobin and Harbukhan

Reggae Readers Workbook 1

ISBN: 9780230026124 $2,106.00 T
About the workbooks:
  • They may be used in the classroom, or by children working independently
  • Each activity is introduced by clear teaching points
  • Each workbook includes three tests to check on each child’s progress
  • Maximum support is given to encourage positive and successful learning
Publisher: Macmillan

Home, School, Environment With Colours, Shapes and Sounds

EAN: 978976837583 $2,010.00 T
Grade One Integrated Studies Workbook provides a year of interaction, related to the new National Standards Curriculum. Author: L. Fearon et al Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Poems For Grade 1 Integrated Studies

EAN: 9789768172624 $800.00 T
Sharing poetry with children is an excellent means of developing appreciative listening. Author: Eden A Collins-Williams