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Grade 3 Integrated Studies Workbook

ISBN: 9789768218377 $2,150.00 T
This book focuses on a step organization of the integrated curriculum for Jamaican grade three students.
Author: K. Marks-Dixon
Publisher: KMarks Publishing

Integrated Mathematics for Primary School Infant 2

ISBN: 9789768056092 $2,050.00 T
A Problem Solving Approach Author: Seegobin & Harbukhan

Fun With Phonics Vowels

ISBN: 9789768010926 $1,980.00 T
A highly successful, comprehensive course that introduces and builds phonic concepts and skills from beginning sounds to advanced decoding and word usage. Author: Gwen Gbedemah Publisher: Carlong  

Fun With Phonics Consonants

ISBN: 9789768010919 $1,980.00 T
Consonants enable pupils to recognize and write initial, medial, and final consonants, and to associate each letter with its sound(s).
  • Second Edition FWPC
Author: Gwen Gbedemah  

Fun With Phonics Consonant Blends

ISBN: 9789768010933 $1,980.00 T
Consonant Blends facilitates visual and written discrimination of blends and develops dictionary, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Author: Gwen Gbedemah

Integrated Mathematics for Primary School Infant 1

EAN 9789768056856 $1,850.00 T
A Problem Solving Approach  ISBN:  9789768056856 Authors: Seegobin & Harbukhan

Fun With Phonics Playing with Sounds Part 2

EAN 9789768010957 $1,500.00 T

Fun With Phonics

Author : Sonia Johnson-Smith

ISBN: 9789768010957

Fun With Phonics Playing with Sounds Part 1

EAN 9789768010940 $1,500.00 T

Fun With Phonics 

Author: Sonia Johnson-Smith ISBN: 9789768010940

Learning to Write The Smart Way

ISBN: 9789768237194 $1,490.00 T
Learning to Write The Smart Way is designed in keeping with the infant curriculum for Four-Year-olds in Jamaican Schools. Author: M. McLean Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers  

Learning to Colour

ISBN: 9789768237507 $1,180.00 T
Learning to Colour An Infant Integrated Workbook Age 3 Author: L. Fearon, M. McLean

Right Start Language B Series

EAN 9789769517547 $990.00 T
Right Start Language Art Integrated Workbook B ISBN : 9789769517547 Author: Valerie Brown

Right Start Language Arts

EAN 9789766105303 $920.00 T
Right Start Language Arts Integrated WorkBook. Author: Valerie Brown ISBN :9789766105303