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Mathematics for Caribbean Examinations

ISBN: 9789766382230 $3,500.00 T
Mathematics for Caribbean Examinations: Workbook, Study Guide, Multiple Choice Tests makes the perfect study companion for secondary students preparing for the CSEC Mathematics Examinations. Author:  Conrad Archie Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers

Primary Math for Jamaica Grade 4 Ginn

EAN 9780435080242 $3,100.00 T
PUPIL BOOK 4 ISBN: 9780435080242 Author: Lorna Thompson, Derrick Hall Publisher: GINN

Primary Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 5

EAN 9780435080280 $3,025.00 T
PUPIL BOOK 5 ISBN: 9780435080280 Author: Derrick Hall, Mellodene Henry-Davy

Primary Mathematics for Jamaica Grade 6

EAN 9780435080297 $3,025.00 T
ISBN: 9780435080297 Author: Mellodene Henry-Davy, Raymond Simmonds Publisher: GINN

Integrated Mathematics for Primary School Infant 2

ISBN: 9789768056092 $2,050.00 T
A Problem Solving Approach Author: Seegobin & Harbukhan

Explore Maths For the NSC Workbook 4

ISBN: 9781380021458 $1,757.00 T
Explore Maths for the National Standards Curriculum is a brand new series that provides complete coverage of the new Jamaica primary maths syllabus. Supporting the Explore Maths student's books or used independently, the workbooks for grades 4, 5 and 6 provide a wealth of varied and engaging practice exercises for class, homework or revision use. Author: Lisa Greenstein Publisher: Macmillan    

Primary Mathematics Essential Guide for PEP

ISBN 9789769651401 $1,700.00 T
Primary Mathematics Essential Guide for PEP has numerous worked examples, which will assist you in mastering the essentials quickly and easily, which will reinforce your confidence in Mathematics. Author: Andrea Blake

Carlong Integrated Assessment Paper Gateway to Numeracy Book 1

EAN 9789766381158 $1,650.00 T
Gateway to Numeracy: Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers: Mathematics Book 1 Author: Hyacinth Bennett ISBN: 9789766381158 GTN CIAP M1

Big Work Book First Grade

ISBN: 97808874314470 $1,625.00 T
Publisher: School Zone

Gateway To Numeracy CIAP Mathematics Year 3

EAN 9789766381394 $1,455.00 T
Carlong Integrated Assessment Papers Book 3 - Mathematics replaces both the Carlong Assessment Tests (CAT) 3rd Year - Mathematics and the numeracy part of Carlong Assessment Tests 3rd Year - Reasoning and Problem-solving Authors: Hyacinth Bennett, Loraine Fuller, Kennecha Davis

New Integrated Approach Numeracy Wb4

EAN 9789768237491 $1,340.00 T
The New Integrated Approach Numeracy Workbook 4 has been carefully planned and compiled to cater to the assessment of the numeracy levels of our Grade 4 students. ISBN: 9789768237491 Author: G. Harper et al. Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers