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PEP For Winners Math Instructors Grade 6

EAN 9781733904117 $3,500.00 T
PRACTICE QUESTION WORKBOOK PEP for Winners Mathematics, is a new 2 volume workbook with an instructor’s manual. The book is designed for students who wishes to excel on the Grade 6. ISBN: 9781733904117 Author: Dr. Dwight Berry Publisher: Webster's Writing Lab  

Literacy Links PEP Mathematics Grade 6 Curriculum Based Test

ISBN: 9789769629523 $3,350.00 T
Features of this workbook:
  • Provides comprehensive practice for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Exam.
  • Provides targeted tasks in the 5 strands
  • Includes answer key to further give support
  • Each task has key information including connections to the focus questions and attainment target for the teacher
Publisher: Literacy Links Ja.

Grade 6 New Integrated Language Arts Workbook for PEP

ISBN: 9789768237835 $3,140.00 T
Grade 6 New Integrated Language Arts Workbook for PEP is an easy to teach, easy to learn presentation of integrated materials based on the National Standards Curriculum. Author: L. Channer et al. Publisher: JCHAD Publishers

Just Think Ability Test Grades 5 & 6

ISBN: 9789768245762 $2,995.00 T
for the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Examination Strategic and Extended Thinking "Just Think" is a series of workbooks of choice for success in the Primary Exit Profile examination. Students, teachers and parents will appreciate the age appropriate exercises in:
  • Reasoning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving and
  • Written Communication.
Author: Dr. A. Mandara; Mrs. C. Levene Publisher: LMH Publishing Limited

PEP Mental Ability Grade 6

ISBN 9789769572621 $2,800.00 T
A complete and exciting response to the difficulties that our grade six (6) students face in verbal and logical reasoning. This book contains a wide variety of thinking and reasoning stimulus materials needed to master the PEP Ability Test Author: Zavier Clarke

The New Primary English Grade 2

ISBN 9789769630840 $2,610.00 T
Core Features:
  • A focus on grammar in contexts of use and meaning
  • Real-world oracy and literacy activities
  • A process approach to writing
  • Practice exercises in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking, and viewing
Author: Roy & Ina Narinesingh Publishing: Datazone Publishing Co. Ltd

Grade 6 Prepping for Pep Ability

ISBN: 9789769629127 $2,600.00 T
This book of reasoning and Logic Tests is designed to check and improve the general reasoning aptitude of the learner. Each test contains questions that assess:
  1. Verbal Reasoning which deals with the usage of words, letters, and digits
  2. Quantitative Reasoning deals with mathematical skills and the ability to differentiate between figures and patterns
Author: Akeisha Christine Wainwright Publisher: Olympus

PEP For Winners Mathematics Vol 1

ISBN: 9781733904124 $2,550.00 T
PEP for Winners Mathematics, is a new 2 volume workbook with an instructor’s manual. The book is designed for students who wishes to excel through Grades 4-6. Author: Dr. Dwight Berry Publisher: Webster’s Writing Lab

PEP Practice for Grades 4, 5, and 6 Students Performance Task

ISBN: 9780578423913 $2,520.00 T
The task set out in this workbook are open-ended and are, therefore, flexibly designed to incorporate a variety of responses, any or all of which can derive successful outcomes.   Author: Shawlette Ashman Publisher: Learning Hub

Mathematics Performance Tasks for PEP Grade 6

ISBN: 9789769655409 $2,495.00 T
This book is designed to provide engaging practices in the full range of mathematical skills required to develop competence at the level of mastery in mathematics. Author: Howard Campbell Publisher: NutCracker