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Phonics Level D

ISBN: 9781428430952 $3,290.00 T
MCP Phonics Level D Level D/Grade 4 students will identify phonics elements within words, and learn about suffixes, base words, vowel pairs, reading comprehension skills, dictionary skills, and more. Publisher: Pearson

New First Aid in English Grammar Made Simple

ISBN: 9789836802736 $3,200.00 T
The contents include the fundamentals of:
  • grammar
  • idioms
  • similes
  • general knowledge
  • and other important or valuable information
Author: Abraham Sung Format: Paperback Publisher: Minerva Publications  

MCP Comprehension Plus Level A

EAN 9781428427013 $2,900.00 T
  ISBN: 9781428427013 Format: Softcover Author: Diane Lapp Publisher: Pearson

MCP Phonics Level A

EAN 9781428430921 $2,860.00 T
Student Edition Level A   ISBN : 9781428430921 Format: Softcover Publisher: Pearson

MCP Phonics Level B

EAN 9781428430938 $2,860.00 T
STUDENT EDITION LEVEL B   ISBN: 9781428430938 Publisher: Pearson

MCP Phonics Level C

ISBN: 9781428430945 $2,860.00 T
Student Edition Level C Format: Softcover Publisher: Pearson

Collins Phonics and Spelling 4-5

EAN 9780007452323 $2,680.00 T
COLLINS PHONICS AND SPELLING AGES 4-5 Collins Phonics and Selling is a series of seven puzzle books linked to the spelling requirements of each primary year group. ISBN: 9780007452323

Infant Integrated Phonics Workbook 3

ISBN: 9789768237897 $2,125.00 T
(formerly Infant Integrated Workbook - Fun With Sounds) This is the book that will prepare your child for the future. After using this book he or she will be ready for all educational challenges ahead. Author: Lunett Fearon; Maureen McLean Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Grade Three Integrated Phonics Workbook

EAN 9789768237101 $2,080.00 T
Grade Three Integrated Phonics Workbook is based on the Grade Three Integrated Curriculum. This book places emphasis on learning through phonics and is designed to accompany or support the new NSC ISBN: 9789768237101 Author: K. Marks-Dixon

Infant Integrated Phonics Workbook 2

ISBN: 9789768237880 $1,990.00 T
(formerly Learning The Smart Way - Letters and Sounds) Each set of activities focuses on
  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Kindergarten skills and so much more.
Author: Lunett Fearon; Maureen McLean Publisher: Independent Integrated Publishers

Fun With Phonics Consonants

ISBN: 9789768010919 $1,980.00 T
Consonants enable pupils to recognize and write initial, medial, and final consonants, and to associate each letter with its sound(s).
  • Second Edition FWPC
Author: Gwen Gbedemah  

Jolly Readers Level 2 Inky Mouse & Friends

$1,820.00 T
Phonic and Other Stories contains six engaging fiction stories and provides comprehension questions, discussion activities, and guidance for parents. Format: Semi-Hard Cover Publisher: Jolly Learning Ltd