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A Practical English Course

EAN 9789768193049 $3,650.00
  ISBN :9789768193049 Author: Sonia Norville

Concepts in Science Grade 5

ISBN: 9789769545557 $3,500.00
This workbook adequately covers the grade 5 Science Curriculumn from the Ministry of Education. Author: Courtney Harrison

Mathematics Multiple Choice Topic by Topic

EAN 9789766480875 $2,350.00
Topic by Topic for Upper Primary Level   ISBN: 9789766480875 Format: Softcover Publisher: CEP Author: Paul Coutou

Students Companion

EAN 9781408280652 $2,170.00
CARIBBEAN EDITION ISBN: 9781408280652 Author: Wilfred Best Publisher: Hodder Education

Mastering Vocabulary Bk4

EAN MV4 $1,950.00
Auhor: S. Bachan Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Concepts in Mathematics Practice Tests

ISBN: 9789769545595 $1,900.00
for GSAT Practice Test.   Author : Courtney Harrison

Concepts in Science Practice Tests

ISBN: 9789769549616 $1,800.00
for GSAT Practice Test Author: Courtney Harrison

Concepts in Language Arts Practice Test

ISBN: 9789769545571 $1,800.00
PRACTICE TESTS Author: Courtney Harrison

Macmillan GSAT Series

The Macmillan Grade Six Revision Topics and Achievement Tests series for Jamaica caters for Grade 6 students preparing to take their final examinations before moving up to secondary school.

The Student’s Companion Practice Test

Revised Practice Book ISBN: 9781408276686 Author: Nick Coates Publisher: Hodder Education