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Deli Triangle Set Square 2pcs (45 & 60) Lge

$420.00 T
Deli 6440 organic plastic triangle ruler engineering drawing sets. A set of 30 & 45 degrees triangular ruler set.

Ruler 12″ Westcott Twist Flexi

UPC: 73577162921 $260.00 T
Westcott 12 " (30cm) ruler, twist/flexible. Assorted colours

Math Ruler (Stainless Steel)

$220.00 T
Brand product may vary.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel.
  • Non-Slip EVA backed for holding steadily.
  • Inches and metric measure.
  • Black markings for easy read.
  • Perfect for school or office.

Bazic Shatterproof Flexible Ruler 12″ 30cm

UPC: 764608003152 $175.00 T
  • Flexible Ruler makes measuring easy on irregular surface item
  • Easy to draw a straight line along curved shape
  • Soft and flexible ruler bend and flex but return its original shape when laid flat


$175.00 T
Westcott 12" Soft Touch School Ruler With Anti-Microbial Protection.
  • Assorted Colours.
  • 12" kids ruler built with Anti-microbial Product Protection.
  • Infused with anti-microbial protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors.
  • 12 Ruler features a non-slip back, and beveled center with pencil groove.
  • Scaled in 16th and in metric with a great contemporary design!
ISBN: 073577143708
Antimicrobial Product Protection: Westcott offers a wide range of anti-microbial protected products that inhibit the growth of bacterial odors. This technology keeps products from degrading by preventing the growth of micro-organisms. It's ideal for products that are shared around the home, office or school.

Shatter Resistant 12″ Ruler #318

UPC: 764608003183 $150.00 T
These 12inch/30cm shatter-resistant rulers have different bright colors. They're suitable for kids and adults to pick what color best fits your style!

Ruler with Finger Grip

$115.20 T
BAZIC 12" (30 cm) Ruler w/ Handle Grip.

Wooden Ruler 12″

EAN: 6939540502429 $110.00 T
Wooden Ruler 12 Inch/ 30 CM