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Helix 30″ Wooden T-Square With Acrylic Edges

UPC: 79252323366 $2,600.00 T
30" wooden T-square with acrylic edges.

Helix Precision Compass Thumbwheel

$645.00 T

Helix Compass Thumbwheel

ISBN: 079252325773
  • The Compass' Thumbwheel provides enhanced accuracy and precision.
  • Contains 2 mm replacement leads and additional screws and nuts.
  • This metal compass also has a geared head for centering.

Deli Triangle Set Square 2pcs (45 & 60) Lge

$420.00 T
Deli 6440 organic plastic triangle ruler engineering drawing sets. A set of 30 & 45 degrees triangular ruler set.

Helix Cambridge Maths Set

UPC: 79252315019 $410.00 T

The Cambridge Set of Mathematical Instruments.


Bazic Design & Drafting Drawing Pencil 12pk Assorted

EAN: 764608007457 $399.00 T
Bazic Design & Drafting Pencil (12 Assortment), Box Pack of 12
  • Pre Sharpened:
  •  Glides smoothly over paper
  • Premium quality pencil for designs and drafting
  • Contains an assortment of harder lead pencils chosen for their ability to hold a sharp
  • point for more detailed work
  •  Superior graphite pencils manufactured from the highest quality materials with maximum point strength, especially break-resistant, easy to sharpen and erase
  •  Finely graded degrees produce clear lines and structures as well as subtle, differentiated shades of gray and black


$376.00 T

The Helix Oxford set of Mathematical Instruments

Limited Edition


EAN 088 342 $315.00 T
BAZIC 10, 17, 27 mm size Lettering Stencil Sets (3/PK) Includes both:
  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Alphabet
  • Numbers

Math Ruler (Stainless Steel)

$220.00 T
Brand product may vary.
  • Long-lasting stainless steel.
  • Non-Slip EVA backed for holding steadily.
  • Inches and metric measure.
  • Black markings for easy read.
  • Perfect for school or office.


$77.00 T
Oxford Clear 10cm/180 Degrees Protractor with black decal.
  • Metric gradings and clear precise markings
  • Ideal for School, College and Students

Studmark Pencil Mechanical 0.7mm

EAN 7453015129533 $70.00 T
Portaminas 0.7mm 3704-7 Available in various colours.    

Flomo Mechanical Pencils

$0.00 T
  • 3 pack mechanical pencils with lead cover your needs in the classroom, the office, and your arts & crafts projects.
  • uses 0. 5 mm lead perfect for home, office and school use.
  • tested and trusted quality safe and non-toxic.
  • modern and attractive packaging.