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Preparing For Language Arts Test Grade 4

ISBN: 9789768235442 $2,710.00 T
This book covers parts of speech, grammatical rules, as well as the reading skills requisite at this level. Author: J. Hagley Publisher: Archimedes Publishing

Easy Steps In Vocabulary Book 1

ISBN: 9789766461027 $1,800.00 T
Easy Steps in Vocabulary Book 1 captures the interest of every child by means of its wide range of  illustrations, interesting activities and relevant exercises. Author: Alphonso Dow Publisher: Charran Book Services Ltd.

Essential Vocabulary for GSAT

EAN 9789769528307 $1,600.00 T
Systematic, Sequential Vocabulary Development The chief purpose of this book is to provide a systematic and sequential approach to enhance vocabulary instruction which will undoubtedly increase student's vocabulary and reading comprehension across all areas of the curriculum. ISBN: 9789769528307 Author: Shawn Johnson  

Oxford School Dictionary

EAN 9780192747105 $1,478.00 T
OXFORD SCHOOL DICTIONARY The bestselling school dictionary with extra spelling, grammar and punctuation support. ISBN: 9780192747105