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Monami Sigmaflo White Board Marker

$180.00 T
  • Alcohol-based ink & direct ink delivery system
  • Marks clearly and evenly till the last drop of ink
  • Longer cap-off time
  • Direct ink delivery system enables longer marking than the filter type

Studmark Refillable Whiteboard Marker Black

EAN: 7453015139105 $145.00 T

Studmark Refillable Whiteboard Markers

Available Colours: Red, Blue, and Black. Tip width: 2-3 mm  

Markers EXPO Dry Erase Chisel

$145.00 T
Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase Markers, 4 Colored Consistent, skip-free on whiteboards and most non-porous surfaces Bold color is easy to erase and easy to see from a distance.

Stabilio Whiteboard Marker

$130.00 T
• Ink resistant to water and light. • Stroke width: 2.5 - 3.5 mm. • With ventilated cap.

Studmark Whiteboard Marker Refill Cartridges

$55.00 T

Studmark Whiteboard Marker Refill Cartridges

Available Colours: Blue, Black and Red