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Biological Science 1 and 2

ISBN: 9780521561785
Biological Science contains:
  • clearly written, up-to-date information appropriate to the new Advance level biology syllabus
  • new material covering microbiology and biotechnology, the applications of genetics, and human health and disease
  • a variety of questions throughout the text
  • carefully selected and clearly presented practical investigations in many of the units
Author(s): D. Taylor; N. Green; G. Stout Publisher: Cambridge

CAPE Sociology Units 1 and 2

ISBN: 9781408266120
Key features:
  • Complete coverage of Units 1 and 2 in a single volume, while giving the students the opportunity to make links between content at both levels.
  • Both Caribbean and international studies are used to illustrate key research undertaken for each topic.
  • Exclusive online content is delivered in an engaging and interactive way to enable accessible revision of topics and to bring variety to learning with videos and quizzes.
Author(s): C. Chinapoo; N. James; M. Lee-Paisley Publisher: Hodder Education  

Chemistry for CAPE

ISBN: 9789766484910
This book simplifies the material required by the syllabus and goes with each specific objective and is therefore student friendly. Author: Susan Maraj Publisher: C.E.P

Pure Mathematics A Complete Course for CAPE Unit 1

ISBN: 9789766482930
Pure Mathematics A Complete Course for CAPE Unit is a text written to cover all the Specific Objectives and Content of the CXC CAPE Pure Mathematics syllabus (revised 2012) which will become effective for examination at the Advance Proficiency Level from May-June 2013. Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher: C.E.P

Environmental Science for the Caribbean Units 1 and 2

ISBN: 9789766484071
The revised edition of Environmental Science for the Caribbean gives a holistic and concise understanding of the subject and is separated into six (6) major chapters. Author: Navinda Ramsaroop Publisher: C.E.P

CAPE Communication Studies

ISBN: 9781408266137
With the aid of this book, readers will be able to:
  • recognise, manipulate, and master the rhetorical genres
  • develop understanding skills that will provide a lifelong aptitude to think creatively
  • understand and appreciate language usage in a cultural setting, particularly within the Caribbean context
  • speak and write with expertise and confidence
Author(s): Leila Lord; Maureen Dee-Hosein, et al Publisher: Pearson

CAPE Communication Studies

ISBN: 9789766485597
This book attempts to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to satisfy the basic requirements of Paper 1 and 2 of the CAPE communication studies syllabus by covering fifteen units in three module areas. Author: Dr. Harold McDermott Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Complete Geography Course for CSEC.

ISBN: 9789766481391
Provides basic and essential information for the CXC examinations. Tables, diagrams, photographs, and exercises are included at the end of each chapter. Exercises cover the subject in accordance with the requirements of the Caribbean Examinations Council. The aim of the text is to educate the student about his own environment, and also expose him to a more global perspective of the subject. Author: Vohn A. Rahil

Biology Unit 1 for CAPE Examinations

ISBN: 9780521176903
This course provides:
  • total coverage of Unit 1 of the CAPE Biology syllabus
  • worked examples to help students develop their problem solving skills
  • a clear indication of the chapter content at the beginning of each chapter
  • a summary of key ideas at the end of chapter
  • end-of-chapter questions in a range of formats, including multiple choice, structured and essay questions, to test understanding
  • a glossary of biological terms.
Author(s): M. Ramesar; M. Jones; G. Jones Publisher: Cambridge

Mathematics A Complete Course with CXC Question Vol One

ISBN: 9789766481322
Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher : Caribbean Educational Publishers

Mathematics A Complete Course with CXC Question Vol Two

ISBN: 9789766481339
Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Longman Geography for CSEC

ISBN: 9781405816632
This book will motivate and stimulate students while preparing for final exams.
  • Develop students' understanding and scientific skills with plenty of questions, exercises, problems, and experiments.
  • Challenge high achievers with more difficult questions.
  • Test understanding with end-of-chapter checklists of skills and knowledge covered, as well as revision questions, sample school-based assessment activities, and worked examples.
Author: J. Ottley; M. Gentles