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Grammar for Writing Grade 7

ISBN: 9781421711171
Grammar for Writing, teaches you the writing and language skills you'll need to be an effective writer and speaker, and prepares you to build on those skills in high school, college and beyond. Author: Sadlier

Visual Arts for Secondary School

ISBN: 9789768014238
This book has been structured to accommodate the needs identified in the understanding of the Visual Arts syllabus in Forms One, Two and Three of the secondary school system. Author: Shastri Maharaj Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

Heinemann Physics for CSEC

ISBN: 9780435975333
Eliminate the need for supplementary resources by providing complete syllabus coverage with a lively, accessible textbook written by experienced teachers of physics. Authors: Norman Lambert et al Publisher: HODDER Education

Just Click for the Caribbean

ISBN: 9781382004114
Just Click for the Caribbean Third Edition provides a strong foundation for lower secondary students to study Information Technology at the CSEC level. Author: Howard Lincoln, et al. Publisher: Oxford

Principles Of Geography For CXC

ISBN: 9780582039896
Principles of Geography for CXC comprehensively covers all the major requirements of the revised CXC syllabus. Author: Norrel London; Mike Senior Publisher: HODDER Education

Pure Mathematics Unit 2 for CAPE Examinations

EAN 9780230418011
The two books in this series provide complete coverage of Units 1 and 2 of the new CAPE Pure Mathematics Syllabus. Each topic is covered in depth with additional material in areas that students find most challenging.

French Two Years Workbook 3rd. Edition

ISBN: 9780877204701
A complete review of the elements of first-level French plus the materials for the second year. Author: Eli Blume

A Complete Math Course for Secondary School Book 2

ISBN: 9789766486679
This special edition was adapted from Raymond Toolsie best selling series A Complete Mathematics Course for Secondary Schools Book 1-3. Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher: CEP

A Complete Mathematics Course for Secondary School Book 1

ISBN: 9789768014375
Author: Raymond Toolsie Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers

English for All Book Grade 9

ISBN: 9789769630826
Core Features:
  • Relevant and contemporary prose and poetry selections
  • integration of language and literature
  • real-world literacy tasks
  • multiple intelligence applications to language
  • Task-based language learning
Author : Roy Narinesingh et al Publisher: DataZone Ltd.

PE 123 Physical Education for Lower Secondary Schools

ISBN: 9789766482800
Key features:
  • the history of Physical Education
  • the different systems of the human body
  • fitness and health
  • selected games such as criket and netball
Author: G. Lai Publisher: Caribbean Educational Publishers