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CSEC English Language Paper 1

ISBN: 9789768251510 $4,388.00 T
CSEC English Language Paper 1 is designed to provide adequate practice in multiple choice questions on which the new exam will be structured. Author: Uriel Narinsingh Publisher: Royards Publishing Company

English Matters for Jamaica Grade 7 Student’s Book

ISBN: 9781380010209 $4,289.00 T
Key features:
  • A wide selection of Jamaican, Caribbean, and international texts with graded comprehension questions.
  • Student journal feature
  • Research work, group activities, and discussions
  • Reference section with sample compositions
Author: Julia Sander Publisher: Macmillan

Writing in English A Course Book for Caribbean Students

ISBN: 9789766373696 $4,250.00 T
Writing in English features an extensive section on the various modes of discourse as well as on the process of writing. Features:
  • Essay Questions
  • Discussion Questions
  • Reference Units
  • Peer Review Activities
  • Self-Check Support
  • Group Work
  • Extracts
  • Sample Answers
  • Grammar Points
Author: Hazel Simmonds-McDonald Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers

Illustrated First Aid In English

ISBN: 9781471859984 $3,345.00 T
Used wherever the English Language is spoken or taught, this book has proved invaluable in class and as a reference book. Author: Angus Maciver Publisher: Hodder Education

The New Primary English Grade 2

ISBN 9789769630840 $2,610.00 T
Core Features:
  • A focus on grammar in contexts of use and meaning
  • Real-world oracy and literacy activities
  • A process approach to writing
  • Practice exercises in the skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking, and viewing
Author: Roy & Ina Narinesingh Publishing: Datazone Publishing Co. Ltd

English Matters for Jamaica 2nd Edition Grade 9 Workbook

ISBN: 9781380018052 $1,956.00 T
English Matters for Jamaica is an integrated, four-level series that helps progress students seamlessly from lower to upper secondary in preparation for their CSEC examination. Author: Julia Sander Publisher: Macmillan Education

English SBA for CSEC – A Students Guide

ISBN: 9789766382056 $1,250.00 T
English SBA for CSEC - A Students Guide gives students of CSEC English A and B the best chance of producing an excellent SBA! Authors: Keith Noel et al Publisher: Carlong Publisher